Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

So I haven't posted much... okay, at all, in the last year. Lots of changes, and still much remains the same. Family size went down by one when my husband's kid brother moved back with his mother. Finally received disability determination, phew! Money helps! First attempt at getting pregnant interrupted by horrific car accident... and now several years later doctors willing to let us have another go; resulted in a year of angst and hormonal ups and downs while trying, and no baby. Soo grateful for the two little miracle babies we have. One started his freshman year of high school, and the other started first grade. Finally got the definitive diagnosis of high-functioning autism for the little one, a relief and a starting point to be sure. A TIA, two surgeries and a lot of convalescence time in between, and I think we are at a good moving on point.

Now that those things are under control, I am ready to push into the other things that got waylaid after the car accident. Garden wishlist done, landscape plan drafted, orchard knowledge acquired, researching Nigerian dairy goats, ponds ready to install, crawdad contact on standby, tortoise group membership paid, coop and pergola plans ready... next step is to pull it all together and "Get'er Done!".


Oh yeah, there IS that. LOL!

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