Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back, in the saddle.

So I feel like we have crossed this major milestone! After our self-sufficient homestead efforts being delayed for multiple reasons (such as cancer, and babies, and clots in the brain, and military deployments, and horrific car accidents, and ... well, I'm sure the list goes on) it finally feels like we are getting back on track. Very exciting developments here. Finally got our chicken coop!!! Hoorah! :D A few other things going on. Vermicomposting provided soil for the two raised beds in place, bat house just needing the video feed, and seed storage continued through the tough times. I am very hopeful, and ever so excited to be moving forward. Quite a lot planned for this year, but I realize I need to go slow. In the works is video feed to the coop and bathouse. Going easy on the gardening this season, as we still do not have working sprinkler system. Watering manually in the Mojave Desert is grueling at best. Lots of innovations out there for disabled gardening, so researching those before making a huge investment. Eggs is a good start. Everyone here at homestead misses our ducks dearly, so the bantams will add a bit of cheer. We will be documenting things on our YouTube channel, and here in the blog, as well as on friendface (aka FaceBook). We are, of course, on G+ . ' When we started this Journey in 2002, not many people were doing edible landscaping or gardens or backyard chickens... in the last decade these things have really taken off. I am so impressed and grateful for all the wonderful resources there are out there. Many familiar faces from those days of muddling through and asking one another "how can we...?" are successfully DOING, and teaching. It is very humbling. I thank you all for the shared knowledge and experiences. I count my many blessings! Wow! Next leg of the journey ahead. Happy dance! In deepest gratitude and excitement, MojaveMomma